A Shattered Whole? Imagining Europe in Pieces

In recent socio-political discourses and the right-shift across a number of European countries, the ideas of “borders” are increasingly invoked as harbingers of a new utopia. These borders are both “real borders” (borders of the nation state) that can be physically imposed and made visible through border controls as well as imaginary (who should or Read more about A Shattered Whole? Imagining Europe in Pieces[…]

Commun(icat)ing Bodies – The Body & Religion Conference

I co-organized (together with Isabelle Jonveaux and Christian Feichtinger) the conference Commun(icat)ing Bodies – The Body and Religion Conference which took place at the University of Graz/Austria, 15-17 Feb 2012. The project/conference website can be found here, the conference folder is also available. The keynote addresses by Prof. Anne-Sophie Lamine, Prof. Leopoldina Fortunati, Prof. Gerard Read more about Commun(icat)ing Bodies – The Body & Religion Conference[…]

Body in Art and Religion

The beginning of the research project Commun(icat)ing Bodies was marked by an exhibition of the Austrian artist Michael Hedwig: Commun(icat)ing Bodies. Körper in Kunst und Religion [Body in Art and Religion]. In his images, he is interested in bodies in motion, as intense experience, as intermingling and communicating bodies rather than static bodies. Together with Read more about Body in Art and Religion[…]