July 20, 2006

Teaching – Courses

I teach a variety of classes that deal with the complex relationship between religion, popular culture/media, identity construction, and meaning making. In my modules, I draw on a rich source of media material such as film, advertisement, images, and encourage students to develop a sensibility for the omnipresence of the religious in today’s society.

In my teaching approaches, I understand students as scholars and researchers in their own right. To convey this to students, I use peer-review practices as well as public writing and scholarship assignments. For three modules, I have created wordpress sites on which students publish their research (syllabi can be accessed on the wordpress sites as well):

In God We Trust. Religion and Politics in the US: Religion and Politics Magazine

Religious Fictions

Introduction to World Religions


Other modules I have taught include (updated syllabi coming this fall – if you are interested in them before I upload them, just get in touch with me):

Avatars, Cyborgs and (Ordinary) Human Bodies.
We R Who We R. Media, Religion, and Identity Construction.
In God We Trust. US American Civil Religion and Its Political Relevance.
Apocalyptic Film.
Religion, Science, and Technology.