July 20, 2006

My Research

My current research focuses on the relationship between the human body/technology/religion, in particular the way in which (science fiction) film envisions this relationship. In many popular culture products, religion is present as a critique of our “technological condition” and is used to argue for a return to a romanticized version of nature. Or religion is used to naturalize the artificial and incorporate it into the natural realm.

I am also interested in religion and popular culture and the ‘religious undercurrent’ present in today’s processes of cultural production and identity negotiations.

CrossFit as Meaningful Fitness Endeavor

I am currently working on a major research project and grant application on the increasingly popular sport of CrossFit, the meaning CrossFitters attach to the sport, and the links between religion and CrossFit that have been emerging. If you want to found out more about my research on CrossFit and my published research so far, you can read more on my CrossFit Research page.

Funded Research Projects

  • The Immortality Project, funded by the University of California, Riverside, and the John Templeton Foundation, 2015.
  • Research project “Commun(icat)ing Bodies“, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF [P21352], 2009-2014.
  • Theology in Media Society, funded by the Austrian Science Fund FWF [P16557], 2003-2007.

Research Networks

I am also a member of the International Exchange on Media and Religion.

I will update these pages with research topics / projects I would like to pursue.