Fit Enough for Faith? 26 Feb 2104 @ Univ of Hull

Fit Enough for Faith? Sports, Religion, and Values in the CrossFit Community

CrossFit is a strength routine with the aim to develop a ‘broad, general and inclusive fitness’. While the workouts can be done alone, CrossFit emphasizes community and encourages working out together. In fact, this spirit of ‘togetherness’ and encouraging each other to complete the routines is key. While CrossFit itself did not emerge from a religious context, some of the top level athletes are deeply religious, the best example is Rich Froning, the two-times winner of the CrossFit Games.

While the connection between sports, religion, and community is not a new one, during this research lunch, I will explore this relationship between CrossFit, community values, and spirituality/religion and ask if there is something unique about CrossFit that lends itself to traditional and non-traditional practices of meaning making.

When: Wednesday, 26 February 2014, 12.30pm

Where: Wilberforce SR 236, School of Social Sciences, University of Hull

If you are interested to see for yourself what CrossFit is all about, the local CrossFit box offers regular free taster sessions. To look for a box near you, go to

View the presentation slides:

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